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CHARGE Daytime B

Dear City Rock Gym members:
Subject: Request of the price revision
Thank you for your patronage.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we would like to revise the system for the member’s fee from 01/May/07.
Price revision: 01/May/07
Daytime B members: The automatic withdrawal’s date for the May’s fee is April 27. As the fee is automatically renewed, you don’t especially need the procedure.
Please submit your withdrawal notice until 10/April/07 in case you cancel the membership.

Please arrange the following items, when you apply for an admission.

1.a monthly fee (payment by the day) from the day you joined and a next monthly fee. (Please pay in cash.)
2.registration charge (Members are not required.)
3.bankbook in Japan
4.two pieces of pictures

・A fee for the month after next is paid from your account by prepayment on the 27th of next month. When the bank is a holiday, it is charged on the following business day.
・There is no adjournment system. A fee has been paid from your account until you submit a withdrawal notice.
・A notice of withdrawal is not accepted by telephone or mailing.
Please visit our gym to submit the document.
・The closing date for a withdrawal notice is ten days every month.
・Please make sure to submit a withdrawal notice with your membership card.
・A punch hole and a term-of-validity sticker are stuck on the card after withdrawal-from-a-membership procedure.


Automatic debit

Automatic debit

Cancellation of a membership
The closing date for a withdrawal notice is ten days every month.

Cancellation of a membership

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